The Spooky Hobo


Violet, The Spooky
Level 1 (c c c c c)
(Luck: c c c c c c c)
(Harm: c c c|c c c c)
Charm -1, Cool +1, Sharp 0, Tough +1 and Weird +2


  • Rugged Features
  • Ragged Clothing
  • Long Hair


  • Big knife (1-harm hand)
  • Shotgun (3-harm close messy)


Premonitions. At the start of each mystery, roll+
Weird. On a 10+, you get a detailed vision of something bad
that is yet to happen. You take + 1 forward to prevent it
coming true, and mark experience if you stop it. On a 7-9+
you get clouded images of something bad that is yet to
happen: mark experience if you stop it. On a miss, you get a
vision of something bad happening to you and the Keeper
holds 3, to be spent one-for-one as penalties to rolls you

Hex: When you cast a spell (with use magic), you can
pick the following extra magical effects:

  • The target contracts a disease.
  • The target immediately suffers harm (2-harm magic
  • The target breaks something precious or important.

Hunches. When something bad is happening (or just
about to happen) somewhere you aren’t, roll+ Sharp. On a
10+ you knew where you needed to go, just in time to get
there. On a 7-9, you get there late – in time to intervene, but
not prevent it altogether. On a miss, you get there just in
time to be in trouble yourself.

Dark Side

  • Poor Impulse Control
  • Greed for Power
  • Hallucinations


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